Gateways to Opportunity


OrganizationBaby TALK, Inc
TitleDirector of the Baby TALK Learning Institute
OrganizationEarly Childhood & Parenting Collaborative University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
TitlePrincipal Investigator & Director, ECAP
OrganizationSkip-a-Long Family and Community Services
TitlePresident & CEO
OrganizationLewis University
TitleAssociate Professor, Director of Early Childhood Education Programs
OrganizationLatino Policy Forum
TitleAssociate Manager of Education
OrganizationIllinois Board of Higher Education
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Excelerate Program

ExceleRate Illinois helps you prepare children for success in school and in life.

It also provides standards, guidelines, resources and supports to help you make sensible changes that lead to better quality outcomes for children.